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$11.95 16oz container-Just throw these Rainbow Flame Crystals on any wood fire and you'll create a dazzling display of color--- outdoors or indoors , all year round, they make a fire come to life. It's like being a kid again!
Rainbow Flame Crystals $119.95 Case of 12, get two free!

$ 29.95 per bag- 8lb. Fatwood Firestarter Sticks in burlap bag contains approx. 80-120 sticks. hand-split in 8" lengths from the stumps of pine trees. Fatwood starts with a single match, and gives a sustained flame.

$19.95 per bag 2 1/2 lb. -Magical Color Pine Cones- These cones burn with brilliant blue and green colors-just toss 'em into a fireplace or campfire once the fire is going well and enjoy the colorful display

$7.95 16OZ Homesaver Gelled Firestarter-EZ way to light your next fire,stays where you put it and doesn't flare up, burns longer than most other gells on the market

$7.95 1.5 oz. bottle- Homesaver Chimney and Fireplace Deodorant-Chimney odors are mostly a symptom of a dirty flue combined with moisture . The smell undoubtedly soaks into the porous brick and mortar. Homesaver Chimney and Fireplace Deodorant to the rescue! Place the bottle in the fireplace, pull up the wick - bingo, two to three months of freshness
Dirty Dozen- $79.95 12 1.5 oz bottles Homesaver Chimney and Fireplace Deodorant-twelve for the price of ten!

Kwik Shot Soot Stopper-$3.95 3 OZ Removes and prevents dangerous creosote buildup.Use between professional cleanings. Toss entire tube on brisk fire, makes colorful flames, not for use in airtight appliances.
Kwik Shot case of 36-$132.00 Three for Free!!

Anti-Creo-Soot-$15.95 one quart spray bottle.ACS has two important uses.The first is to remove thin layers of tarry or third degree creosote. The second is to prevent future creosote buildup.For woodburning, pellet, and coal appliances.Works on those gas log carbon deposits as well!

Cre Away Creosote Modifier- $99.95 Case of six 16oz squeeze tubes. The easy way to remove creosote deposits. Just squeeze the powder from the bottle into the chimney. The powder will nicely coat the inside of the flue, and the creosote will break down into an ash like substance that can be easily swept away. Great product for the serious wood burner.

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