Cre-away Creosote Modifier Application

The Product

Cre-away is a four part component powder that safely and effectively modifies creosote.First a reactive agent neutralizes acidic creosote making it less corrosive to metal components and less flammable.Second, a dehydrator absorbs the oils and moisture contained in the creosote. Third,a combustion inhibitor helps reduce the chance of chimney fires. Finally, a magnesium catalyst helps break down creosote when heated by normal use.

The Application

Cre-Away is appied to the chimney using a professional air pressurized appicator, while a heat treatment starts the cleaning process and ensures coverage throughout the entire chimney flue. Also available for purchase in convenient squeeze bottles at the online store or available for purchase during your service call.

The Net Effect

Cre-away modifies creosote by converting it into a more brittle state that has a different expansion/contraction rate than the flue it is attached to, while reducing it's flammable and corrosive properties


  • Effective on All types of creosote
  • More effective than brush cleaning on the worst form of creosote, Third degree glaze
  • More effective than cleaning logs,providing direct product contact with the creosote
  • Helps prevent chimney fires
  • Reduces chimney odors
  • Reduces corrosion in metal and masonry chimneys
  • Chimneys can be swept easier and more completely during your next sweep
  • Cost Highlights

  • costs less than a brush cleaning
  • cost less than using cleaning logs
  • the application takes less time (generally 20 minutes) than conventional brush cleaning, reducing appointment time and inconvenience for you

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